In this Special Edition of the Coaching U Podcast we feature one of our great partners – InnerZone. Team chemistry has long been considered an “intangible”, difficult to predict, impossible to measure, and too elusive to replicate… UNTIL NOW! InnerZone is the PREMIERE SOFTWARE for teams and businesses to improve team chemistry!

In this episode, Coach Brendan Suhr is joined by the President of InnerZone Gavin Hull who will give you an inside look at the software as well as share a special offer for listeners of the podcast. We then let you hear from a coach who is using InnerZone as Coach Brendan Suhr welcomes Brett Ballard, Head Coach of Washburn, to explain to you how he uses the software with his team.

For more information visit or email and tell them you heard about them on the podcast.

Special Edition Podcast Featuring InnerZone Sports