Coach Brendan Suhr welcomes Jason Mejeur, Founder & CEO of MaxOne. MaxOne is an all in one coaching app that empowers smart coaches to train better, communicate better, and coach better. This app was built by coaches for coaches to ensure the best results.

Elite coaches know that in today’s coaching environment even more is required to rise with the best. Today’s athletes spend up to 6 hours a day with their eyes on a mobile device. Yet many coaches continue to use spreadsheets and paper handouts for schedules, workouts and basic communications. Today’s coaches have an exciting opportunity to be smarter. MaxOne is the all-in-one training app that empowers smart coaches to develop better athletes.

The MaxOne platform was designed to put powerful tools at your fingertips and give your program an edge. MaxOne’s easy-to-use mobile app and online hub provides a single hub for all team communications instantly accessible from any device. MaxOne allows you to deliver custom strength and skill workouts right to an athlete’s phone. MaxOne also allows athletes to track results and post to live leaderboards while creating an atmosphere of accountability and competition.

Here’s what Coaching U Founder and President Brendan Suhr says about MaxOne:

“MaxOne is the most user friendly and convenient platform available to stay connected with your team. I’ve often said it is important that we continue to learn how to effectively communicate with our younger generation of players… MaxOne has given coaches a platform to do just that. I have been blown away by all the tools they offer their users. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WITHOUT ANY RESERVATION that you purchase MaxOne for YOUR TEAM or ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT. Whether you are middle school, high school, college or professional team IN ANY SPORT; MaxOne is by far the most affordable coaching tool to help take you to the next level!”

Stay organized and save time so you can get back to what matters most: impacting athletes and building success! Designed by coaches, for coaches. The tools MaxOne deliver strengthens your entire program. From scheduling and communication, to skill and strength training, taking you to the next level. Step into the future of coaching and get started with MaxOne today!

For More Information About MaxOne, schedule a quick demo on the MaxOne website or email Zach Phillips:

Zach Phillips


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