Though most can describe the sense of cohesion and increased performance of a team that “clicks,” team chemistry has long been considered an “intangible” – something difficult to predict, impossible to measure, and too elusive to consistently replicate – until now!

InnerZone® Sports is a software product tailored to the unique needs of athletic teams to improve team chemistry and athletic performance.  Professional, college, and high school teams utilize this software to generate valuable data that can be used in their coaching and recruiting decisions.  InnerZone® utilizes well-established principles of human psychology to deliver actionable data, and it’s simple, fast, and accurate!  Our proprietary assessment offers a high degree of accuracy while remaining minimally invasive, and takes only 2 to 4 minutes to complete.

InnerZone® Sports provides immediate feedback upon completion of the brief InnerZone® questionnaire in the form of (a) individual communication profiles; (b) organizational reports that detail the prevalent communication patterns within an entire team, specific position groups, coaching staff, etc.; and (c) chemistry reports that detail unique communication strengths and challenges between any pair of players and/or coaches (including a more in-depth analysis of the relationship).  Other reports are also available for more in-depth statistical analyses, including a Lineup Analytics report which provides an analysis of the point differential for every lineup used during a game based on the communication profiles of each lineup.