Coach Brendan Suhr is joined by the Basketball Analytics & Schedule Engineering Experts Colton Houston & Matt Dover, co-founders of HD Intelligence. HD Intelligence is the first full-service analytics company to operate exclusively in the world of college basketball.

In this episode, Houston and Dover break down the 3 main areas of analytics they have found most beneficial to college coaches: Schedule Engineering, Scouting Analysis & Self-Optimization.

Schedule Smarter: Optimize your team’s postseason resume with an intelligent, data driven approach to non-conference scheduling. Smart scheduling is often the distinguishing factor between teams that go dancing and those that end up on the wrong side of the bubble. It can also be the difference between receiving a 5 seed or a 3 seed. We customize our research and proprietary algorithms to your team’s situation in order to provide you with specific projections and practical scheduling guidance.

Prepare Smarter: Know your opponents better and prepare for games more effectively. From shot selection tendencies to pace-of-play factors to defensive strengths and weaknesses, our advanced statistical analyses of your opponents will help you gain a winning edge. Not only will we provide you with exclusive data before you begin to implement your game plan, but we’ll walk you through its implementation and debrief with you after the game. We want you to feel like we’re a member of your staff – available when you need us and fully invested in your success.

Play Smarter: Leveraging data analytics to determine optimal lineup combinations, substitution patterns, and shot selection can result in measurable performance improvements. We use NBA-level analytics approaches to provide clients with best-in-class data about their teams and players. More importantly, we bring years of high level college basketball experience to bear in helping our clients build a bridge from data to practical application – after all, analytics on its own is useless without applicable insights. Simply put, we help you know your team better so that you can coach them better.

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All that and more on Episode 143 of the Coaching U Podcast with Coach Brendan Suhr!

PODCAST: Colton Houston & Matt Dover, HD intelligence