Coach Brendan Suhr is joined by Becky Burleigh, Head Coach of the Florida Gator Women’s Soccer Team and Co-Founder of What Drives Winning. During her time at Florida, Coach Burleigh has won 14 SEC Team Championships, 12 SEC Tournament Championships and the 1998 National Championship. In this episode, Coach Burleigh discusses how she and Brett Ledbetter founded What Drives Winning, the format of their events and how all of their content and questions are simply designed to promote thinking. She also goes on to discuss the process she uses to identify what will get in the way of her team reaching it’s full potential each year, how to promote “buy-in” – how it directly affects individuals and as a result improves your team, the importance of trust, how to establish culture and the importance of character development. All that and more from the 4-Time SEC Coach of the Year on Episode 126 of the Coaching U Podcast with Coach Brendan Suhr!

PODCAST: Becky Burleigh, Florida Soccer Head Coach