Our Coaching U Live 2018 speaker videos feature some of the BEST coaches in basketball. These are a great way for you and your staff to increase and further your learning before the upcoming season.

You will get 15 videos from this year’s clinic featuring NBA Head Coaches Doc Rivers, Billy Donovan, Erik Spoelstra, David Fizdale, Luke Walton and Dwane Casey as well as NBA Assistant Coaches Ettore Messina of the San Antonio Spurs and John Lucas of the Houston Rockets.

The learning doesn’t stop there! Also included will be NYT Best-Selling Author Jon Gordon, Angolan National Team Head Coach Will Voigt, PGC Basketball’s own Mano Watsa, Impact Basketball’s Joe Abunassar, Basketball Immersion’s Chris Oliver, as well as Coaching U Co-Founders Kevin Eastman and Brendan Suhr.

This is the best lineup of coaches we have been fortunate to have speak at one event in our 10 years of Coaching U. DON’T MISS OUT!!!



One of the top NBA coaches over the last 20 years. Doc goes deep into a unique topic “Coaching and Crisis Management.” There aren’t guaranteed ways to handle some of the difficult situations you may face as a coach. Doc opens up and shares how he has guided his teams through crisis’ of all sizes. He is a great storyteller who teaches through telling about his actual experiences coaching the Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers. This video is a MUST HAVE for your coaching Library!


The humility of one of the best coaches in the NBA today comes through loud and clear in this video. His teaching skills and communication style are without question why the 2-Time NBA Champion Head Coach has had this level of success! Erik will give you a look at some of the most common pick & roll coverages and explain why they are being used by teams today.


Billy Donovan is one of the great offensive minds in all of basketball. In this video, he speaks about the importance of scoring quickly before the defense sets up and how to effectively read and attack pick & roll coverages. Billy shares some of the latest trends in the NBA, his thoughts on effective spacing and other superb concepts that will work at all levels.


The UNANIMOUS choice for NBA Coach of the Year for leading the Toronto Raptors to the best record in the Eastern Conference with 59 wins DELIVERED IN A BIG WAY!!! In this video, Dwane spoke about the importance of player development in the offseason, some key defensive strategies and drills that he incorporates, some great ideas for implementing competition into your practices daily and how you should “BOUNCE BACK” from tough situations just as he did when being fired by the Toronto Raptors after such a great season and landing in Detroit ready to lead the Pistons back to the NBA Playoffs.


Fiz tells it like it is EVERY TIME! The new Head Coach of the New York Knicks offers great insights into how he is building his organization the way he wants in order to maximize the most of the opportunity. In this video, he stresses the importance of having a vision, how you accumulate information and form your philosophy as a coach, the impact the Miami Heat organization had on him as he gained knowledge from the great Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra as well as the importance of your message that you share with your team both publicly and privately. He also shares some insights into Coaching the famed “Big 3” in Miami en route to winning 2 NBA Championships!

Luke Walton: The Lakers Way

The brilliant young Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers initially started his coaching career with an unheard of winning streak as he began by going 24-0 with the Golden State Warriors. The immediate success caused other teams to take note and ultimately opened the door for him to takeover one of the most famed franchises in NBA History. In this video, he talks about his overall coaching philosophy that he and Steve Kerr share, his thoughts on competition forming culture, the importance of preparation and much more. He also takes to the court to teach the Lakers Fast Break and Secondary Offense. Truly a rising star who is poised for a breakout season in LA!


Ettore Messina is honestly one of the BEST TEACHERS in the world! He blows me away every time I see him present and teach on any subject. It is no secret why he is the trusted “right-hand man” to Gregg Popovich in San Antonio. Ettore shares some of he and Pop’s defensive concepts they use with the Spurs, some of the techniques he has acquired from international basketball and also some ideas/suggestions that I guarantee you have never saw before that will challenge your thinking. His ability to stimulate your thinking on every facet of the game is amazing… as always – a must-watch!


John Lucas of the Houston Rockets is the Master Player Development Coach in the NBA! This legend and friend of 40 years tells the truth about coaching, the role and responsibilities of a coach in one of the most honest talks ever directed by a coach. He also is joined by his son John Lucas III who is currently an Assistant Coach with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The two take you through a very comprehensive pick & roll drill and later share with you how the game as we know it continues to evolve. This Father-Son combination is one-of-a-kind presentation from two of the games best!

Jon Gordon: The Power of a Positive Team

One of America’s premier authors and speakers shares key principles from his latest best-selling book: “The Power of a Positive Team.” Jon is one of the leading speakers in both the corporate and sporting world who has worked with many high-profile NCAA, MLB, NBA and NFL teams. In this video, Jon shares many of the same concepts with you such as the importance of vision, staying positive, creating your culture and connecting meaningfully with your team. We cannot thank Jon enough for taking the time to speak with our coaches. Take advantage of the opportunity to hear from such a expert in the field.


The PGC Basketball president works with over 10,000 players each summer at the famed PGC Basketball clinics educating players of all ages how to think the game. In this video, Mano gives you an inside look to many of the tactics used by his PGC staff to help you create buy-in with your team, create standards, encourage communication and how to get the results we desire as coaches across the board. Mano’s presentation was incredible! Truly a must-see to help all coaches communicate better.

Joe Abunassar: Player Development Essentials

Joe is the BEST in the growing field of NBA player development. The president and founder of Impact Basketball has trained more NBA, College and International players over the last 20 years than any other company or trainer. In this video, Joe shares some of the latest and best ideas and teachings to help you improve as a coach. He also stresses the mental approach you will need as a coach/trainer, ideas to help you develop your yearly plan, importance of creativity and other techniques and fundamentals used by the best players in the world.

Will Voigt: Newest Trends in FIBA Basketball

Will Voigt has to be one of the most fascinating young coaches in the world! Will has coached at almost every level of basketball: small college, large college, high-major college, NBA D-League, International Basketball while paving his way to coaching the Nigerian National Team in the 2016 Olympic Games. Currently, he is coaching the Angolan National Team as they attempt to qualify for the 2020 Olympics. His experience in FIBA basketball as well as his experience in the NBA D-League provide many thought provoking questions about “how” and “why” you teach many concepts and strategies to your team. Will is one of the brightest minds in the game with an incredible future ahead.

Chris Oliver: How to add Decision Making to any basketball drill

Chris Oliver is a rising star in the coaching profession! The University of Windsor Head Coach has a unique ability to make you think as a coach which I find brilliant! I love the way he teaches players to make decisions and encourages you as a coach to incorporate decision making in ways you would have never thought possible. This unique style and ability to communicate is uncanny. The drills he uses aer the BEST I’ve seen on the subject in the last 25 years. For anyone who truly wants to get better as a coach, this video is a must-watch!

Brendan Suhr: Crunch Time & After Timeout Plays

One of the most critical parts of a basketball game are the last 4 minutes, better know as CRUNCH TIME. In this video, Brendan breaks down several sets in great detail and shows you how to set-up and attack the defense throughout the game by disguising plays for use ONLY during Crunch Time. Brendan also shares many After Timeout plays (including a great SOB play for a quick score) for you to incorporate with your team as well as his go-to “2 Minute Offense” for you to use when trailing late in a game.

Kevin Eastman: Little Things that Can Lead to Coaching Success

I’ve heard Kevin speak over 25 times in the last 10 years as he shares his knowledge and teachings which he has learned during his NBA career with you to develop you the coach. In this video, you will get highlights from what Kevin shares with his guests at his Annual Elite Training Camp as well as many thoughts that are featured in his upcoming book “Why the Best are the Best.” Kevin offers great ideas for your career and coaching development in his very own bullet point delivery style.