Jamie Dixon: How To Attack Zone Defense

When you have to play teams like Syracuse, Louisville, Seton Hall, Georgetown, etc for 17 years in the BIG EAST, it was mandatory that he needed to solve the problem of the 2-3 zone. Jamie has developed offensive concepts to beat ALL of those teams! The spacing, ball and player movement is the best I’ve ever seen. This is a coach who returned to his Alma Mater TCU and won the NIT his first year. This video is a MUST HAVE for your coaching Library!

Tim Jankovich: inside smu basketball

Tim is a great teacher, a continuous learner, he was the AAC Coach of the Year who led SMU to a 30-5 record. Tim’s experience as an assistant to 9 fantastic head coaches was the key in his development and what truly influenced his philosophy. Tim understands what the key things he learned from each one and shares the best plays and concepts he’s learned along the way!

fran fraschilla: International offensive concepts from 2016 olympics

One of the top faculty members of Coaching U. Fran is a flat out great teacher and coach. Like Hubie, Bilas, Gruden and Jeff Van Gundy he sees and broadcasts the game through the eyes of a coach. His presentation on the Spread P/R using “False Motion” is an absolute clinic for the ages. He’ll take your P/R offense to the next level!

Brennen shingleton: contain & contest – defensive priciples

WOW! An incredibly dynamic coach who can really teach Defense. What I love about Brennen is how authentic he is as a person and his unique ability to connect to his players. This man is good enough to be the Head Coach of a Power 5 team! His philosophy about defense focuses on being able to guard the ball. He places great emphasis on simplicity and execution. TWU won 5 games in 6 days to win the NAIA National Championship this year!


At every Coaching U LIVE event that we’ve ever done in 9 years, I’ve tried to make each one of MY presentations new, fresh ideas, and thought provoking! The SEC is an amazing basketball conference with GREAT coaches! I wanted to give a sample of some coaches and their schemes that impressed me this season. Trust me…this is an entire clinic in itself. I did the “Scouts” for every SEC opponent so I did a deep dive and study of every coach. So now you can learn from Mike White, John Calipari, Frank Martin, Rick Barnes, Mark Fox, Mike Anderson, and Bryce Drew.


After 13 years in the NBA as a coach and executive serving Doc Rivers, Kevin is now traveling the world as a speaker. He is a brilliant learner, teacher and motivator using his highly successful bullet points style! If you have never heard him you will become an instant fan.

Juwan howard & Dan craig:

NBA Offensive Concepts & How To Defend Them

Introducing the “trigger” concept of getting 2 defenders on the ball. Angles of screens are so important along with the speed of the screener. Dan showed Pick/Roll angles and slips; Pin Downs; Elbow action. Juwan showed how and other teams defend these actions, so you essentially get 2 clinics in 1 video! Dan and Juwan are rising stars as NBA assistants and you will understand why Erik Spoelstra is so high on both of them!

Brendan Suhr: NBA Offensive Ideas To Apply To Your Team

My philosophy when I speak at our Coaching U clinics is to “Make U Think!” I gave 15 Sets/Plays that feature how to get your BEST player shots. You must also have a package of “Crunch time” plays that you ONLY use late in games. These plays are taken from MY own playbook, plus other NBA and FIBA teams.

Kurt Rambis: The Triangle Offense

Kurt has learned at the feet of Hall of Famer Tex Winter, the architect of the TRIANGLE. Kurt understands and teaches using Tex’s language, showing all of the small and intricate details of this outstanding “TEAM” offense. Kurt teaches all of the entries, cuts, reads and pressure releases of the TRIANGLE. This is an amazing offense that WON 11 NBA Championships! Kurt Rambis is a “Master teacher/coach, who you will find his presentation is off the charts…EXCELLENT!

Bob Mackinnon: Practice Organization & Flow Offense

Bob is the Head Coach of the Texas Legends in the G-League, he’s a 35 year coaching veteran with 25 years as a college coach. Bob has also coached in China, 8 years in the G-League, and is the winningest coach in G-League history, but his greatest accomplishment is that he’s had more players called up to the NBA than any other coach, helping those players achieve their DREAM! Bob’s teams are among the fastest paced and highest scoring teams in the G-League, and as you watch this video, you see a powerful, confident and assertive clinician and a coach who is organized, who teaches with great clarity!

Stan Van Gundy: Overtime All-Access Q&A

Coaching U loves Stan because he loves coaches! Stan remembers his journey to get to the NBA, he’s truthful, respectful and loves every aspect of the GAME! Stan gives back to coaches and always has time for their growth. In this Q & A evening theatre setting with our coaches Stan goes all access and gives great answers to every question that came from the attending coaches, Kevin Eastman and Brendan Suhr. You don’t want to miss this entertaining and thought provoking session!

Kevin Eastman: Coaching With Next Level Thinking

Kevin was on right after SVG’s Overtime session, his bullet point teaching style is his trademark for teaching and coaching.

Brendan Suhr – The Best Zone Offenses I Saw This Year

Brendan Suhr shows off his “X” offense that he uses vs. 2-3 zones, in addition to 6 other zone offenses to combat either 2-3 or 3-2 Zones. Coach also introduced his “HOT” attack which I use vs full; 3/4 or 1/2 court zone traps. A lot of NEW ideas and concepts!!

Adrian Griffin: NBA Defensive Concepts

Adrian was a solid NBA player who was known for his defensive ability and toughness, when he finished his playing career, he became an NBA Assistant Coach for 3 of the BEST in the game, Scott Skiles, Tom Thibodeau and Billy Donovan. AG’s presentation demonstrates his thorough knowledge of every aspect of DEFENSE! If you love defense and want to see how it’s taught in the NBA, learn from one of the NBA’s rising coaching stars!

Rex Walters: College vs Pro: Offensive Ideas & Special Situations

Rex played played for Roy Williams at Kansas and for Stan Van Gundy with the Miami Heat, he was the HC of Florida Atlantic and then for 6 years at University of San Francisco. This past year Rex was the HC of the Pistons D League team in Grand Rapids and was just promoted to Assistant Coach of the Pistons. Rex’s knowledge, teaching style and ability to connect with players make him a great prospect to become an NBA HC. Excellent session with terrific drills and plays!

Brendan Suhr: Transformational vs Transactional Coaching

A passionate talk about coaching with thought provoking questions and what the BEST coaches do better than anyone else. This will help influence you about your philosophy of coaching.

David Fizdale: Getting the Job; Establishing Your Culture; How are You Going to Play?

This dynamic RISING STAR in his first year as the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies led his team to a playoff appearance vs the San Antonio Spurs. Fizdale comes from an incredible background of working with Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat, with 4 Consecutive NBA Finals Appearances and 2 NBA Championships. Fiz is known for his relationship-based coaching method and aggressive defensive style of play which turns into offensive opportunities at the other end. In this video, he discusses how he interviewed and got the Memphis job as well as the Early Offense that he uses with the Grizzlies.

Jerry Stackhouse: Developing a Championship Mindset in Coaching

In Jerry’s first year as a head coach, he led his Toronto 905 team to the D-League Championship. Stack’s team was a reflection of who he was as an NBA player: Tough, Aggressive and High Scoring. Stack previously spent one season as an Assistant Coach with the Toronto Raptors and is considered to be one of the top head coaching prospects in the NBA.

Ettore Messina: Zone Offensive Concepts

Ettore is considered to be one of the most outstanding coaches in the world of basketball, he has won 4 European championships and is the head coach of the Italian Olympic Team. An absolute GENIUS from an X & O’s standpoint, Ettore has embraced the NBA’s style of play and is absolutely loved by his players. Ettore’s clinic provides us some of the most innovative concepts in ways to attack zone defense that I have ever seen. When Ettore Messina talks basketball, I ALWAYS LISTEN!

Joe Abunassar: Creating a Player Development System for the High School & College Player

The founder of Impact Basketball. For 21 years Joe has become the #1 developer of individual talent and skills for players in the NBA. The likes of Kevin Garnett, Chauncey Billups, Kristaps Porzingus, DeMarcus Cousins use him as the go-to guy for the NBA Draft Prep and then return for each off-season to get them prepared for the upcoming season. Impact’s gym in Las Vegas is full of NBA talented players ALL off-season. His business has expanded as some of the finest international pro teams will bring their group to Las Vegas to work with he and his staff to prepare for their seasons as well. His online coaching certification program is the model for any coach to be able to develop players. Joe shows you some of the latest drills and concepts he uses with his players (high school, college and pro) during his 75 minute presentation.

Brett Brown: Shot Clock Q&A – A Dynamic & Entertaining Format from Our Coaches

Brett Brown has an incredible background in both international basketball and the NBA. In Australia, he won 2 NBL Championships, was named NBL Coach of the Year and was also the head coach of the 2012 Australian National Team, the Boomers. In the NBA, he was a longtime assistant to Gregg Popovich while winning 4 NBA Championships with the San Antonio Spurs. In this clinic, Brett used a unique style which he termed a “Shot Clock Clinic”, he allowed our attending coaches to ask ANY question they would like, he then put 5 minutes on the clock for each and would answer their question in detail with great candor.

Brendan Suhr: Newest Concepts & Trends of the “Pistol”/ “21” Series

Coach Suhr deep dive into this series to show all the possibilities, all the options that you could get just off of one play and came up with 13 different options. If you like the Pistol/21 series, this will make you think and give you some ideas.

Kevin Eastman: 30 Quick Hit MUSTS of Coaching Your Team

13-year NBA Assistant Coach to Doc Rivers with the Boston Celtics and LA Clippers. Currently a professional speaker/consultant specializing in leadership and team performance. Kevin gives 30 quick hit bullet points on how to coach your team better. His stories, his style and knowledge always make him the hit of every clinic!

Jeff Bzedlik: Building a Defensive Foundation: from Transition to Pick & Roll

Jeff Bzdelik and defensive excellence are often used in the same sentence. Jeff brings over 30 years of coaching experience to the Houston Rockets. The former collegiate head coach of Wake Forest, Colorado, Air Force, UMBC and longtime NBA assistant coach has recently become a defensive guru in the NBA for his work with the Memphis Grizzlies the Houston Rockets. At our clinic, he built a foundation of the defense the Rockets used from transition defense back to half court, focusing on defending the various angles pick & rolls. He shows one of the best defensive drills I have ever seen that makes your defensive shell work more efficient because it combines so many different teaching points into one drill.

Brendan Suhr: Defensive Schemes to Stop Top Scorers

In our 45 minute Early Bus presentation to start day 2 off, Brendan addressed the problem of how to stop a top scorer on the opposing team. Some of the ideas he showed were how to trap out of a 2-3 zone the top scorer whether he was the ball handler or a wing shooter. He also showed the “Baylor Zone” and its slides before moving on and showing the “Jordan Rules” that were used to defend Michael Jordan out of Man-to-Man defense but also showed how you can use the 3-2 zone to effectively trap the top scorer. He also showed a 2-2-1 three quarter court press but will only trap the best scorer when he touched the ball. Give your team and kids a chance to win by showing that you have a defense to stop the other team’s best player. Make someone else beat you at either the middle, high school, college or pro level!