Coach Brendan Suhr is joined by the Tony Ronzone, Director of Player Personnel for the Dallas Mavericks. Tony is one of the NBA’s most respected and accomplished executives with an unmatched feel and relationship with the international game who truly has a passion for helping players.

In this episode, Tony takes you through the foundations of his basketball career and how he established himself as the world’s most trusted international scout beginning with his start as a player/coach at the age of 22 in New Zealand. Tony takes a deep dive into how the international game has grown from a developmental side at the youth level all the way up to the competition side in the FIBA ranks.

We then have some fun as Tony shares stories about some of his experiences drafting players over the years as well as a great story about Kobe Bryant from his time with USA Basketball. He also shares with our audience some of the most important traits that he looks for as he evaluates players that can apply to coaches at the collegiate level as well as they are evaluating players for recruiting purposes.

All that and more on Episode 154 of the Coaching U Podcast with Coach Brendan Suhr!

PODCAST: Tony Ronzone, Dallas Mavericks Dir. of player personnel