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Don Showalter, USA Basketball U17 & U16 Head Coach and Coach Director

Coach Brendan Suhr welcomes Don Showalter, Head Coach of the U17 & U16 teams and Coach Director for USA Basketball. Coach Showalter has compiled a PERFECT 62-0 record at the helm of USA Basketball U16 and U17 teams since the inaugural U16 competition in 2009. In this episode, Coach Showalter talks about coaching his U17 team this summer to a World Championship, the challenge of putting together a championship level team in a short amount of time, the selection process that he and his staff use when choosing his players for USA Basketball, how he gets his team to buy-in on the defensive end through trust and why he prefers using standards instead of rules. All that and more on Episode 102 of the Coaching U Podcast with Coach Brendan Suhr!

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Kevin Eastman, Why the Best are the Best

Coach Brendan Suhr is joined by Coaching U Co-Founder, Kevin Eastman, to discuss the release of his new book Why the Best are the Best. The best are the best for a reason. Kevin Eastman has studied the best in both the sports and corporate worlds to give you an idea of what most do to be successful in a simplified but impactful way. In this episode, Brendan asks Kevin to share some of the Words for Success that were covered in the book such as: Intentional, Preparation, Passion, Urgency, Courage and Try. Kevin does a great job teaching through storytelling as he has found this is an impactful way to promote retention. Hear great stories from lessons learned from Kevin Garnett, Doc Rivers, Lawrence Frank, Steve Balmer, Chris Paul, Ray Allen and many more as well as his newest amazing concept: Success Triangles.

Look for Why the Best are the Best in stores on August 10th or order online at

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Tom Izzo, Michigan State Spartans Head Coach

Coach Brendan Suhr is joined by Tom Izzo, Head Coach of the Michigan State Spartans. In this episode, Coach Izzo discusses how the game of basketball has evolved over the years, the current situation with NCAA rules and what he would like to see changed, the strength of the Big Ten conference, the interest he has garnered from NBA teams over the years and how he creates and maintains strong relationships with the great players he has coached at Michigan State. All that and more on EPISODE 100 of the Coaching U Podcast with Coach Brendan Suhr!

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Michael Lombardi, NFL Executive & Author of Gridiron Genius

Coach Brendan Suhr welcomes Michael Lombardi, former NFL executive & Author of Gridiron Genius. In this episode, Michael shares his four principles of leadership, the importance of learning multiple things instead of choosing a focus and what makes the great coaches he was around like Bill Walsh and Bill Belichick so successful. He also takes us inside his new book “Gridiron Genius” and shares more about what he wanted to stress most in the book: CULTURE. All that and more on episode 99 of the Coaching U Podcast with Coach Brendan Suhr.

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Greg Gard, Wisconsin Badgers Head Coach

Coach Brendan Suhr welcomes Wisconsin Badgers Head Coach Greg Gard to the Podcast. Coach Gard discusses his journey through the coaching ranks, the strength of the Big Ten conference, the importance of the development of his team, his staff as well as himself and what he learned transitioning from an assistant coach to a head coach. All that and more on Episode 98 of the Coaching U Podcast with Coach Brendan Suhr!

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