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  • 🎙️PODC@dshow23how23 explains how unique it is to coach for USA Basketball on Episode 102 of the Coaching U…xiFNGT1
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  • "The thing a player has to ask himself: 'Do you want to choose winning over standing out?'" – Doc Rivers
  • RT @RyanPannone: Good end of game action if you have a guard that can get down hill and make plays out of a step up screen from Chicago Bul…
  • RT @Coaching_U: 🎥 Billy Donovan: "Newest Concepts in Early Offense" Watch now 2018.CoachingU.tvVem 📺
  • 🎥Coaching U LIVE 2018 speaker videos are now available! From Erik Spoelstra to Billy Donovan to Dwane Casey &…nA6SK
  • "All the successful teams I've ever seen have 3 characteristics: They play unselfish, they play together, and they play hard" – Larry Brown
  • "What you specifically teach is what your players will do best." - Dick Bennett
  • Coaches: GO FOLLOW our newest partner @TeamInnerZone to find out how to improve your team's chemistry!
  • “This is the bottom line: We win or lose together. Great teams embrace responsibility. It's that simple.” – Mike Krzyzewski

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