Doris Burke, NBA Analyst and Reporter for ESPN and ABC

Coach Brendan Suhr talks to Doris Burke, NBA Analyst and Reporter for ESPN and ABC, about the evolution of the NBA, it’s current storylines, how the players & coaches have welcomed her with open arms, how she balanced her professional career and being a mother & much more!

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Will Voigt, Angolan National Team Head Coach

In this week’s episode Coach Brendan Suhr visits with Will Voigt, the Head Coach of the Angolan National Team. They discuss how he became the coach of the Angolan National Team, the honor of coaching the Nigerian National Team in the 2016 Olympics, the importance of gaining trust & credibility from your players and how being precise made him a better teacher.

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Bob Starkey, Texas A&M Assistant Coach

Coach Brendan Suhr talks to Bob Starkey, Texas A&M Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach, about coaching both men and women, learning under Dale Brown, some of the biggest influences on his coaching philosophy, advice on becoming an assistant coach, how to excel at it & much more!

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Matt Painter, Purdue Head Coach

Coach Brendan Suhr talks to Matt Painter, Purdue University Head Coach, about his love for baseball, the biggest influencers in his life, what he looks for in an assistant coach & much more!

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