Billy Donovan, Oklahoma City Thunder Head Coach

Coach Brendan Suhr is joined by his longtime friend and current Oklahoma City Thunder Head Coach Billy Donovan to talk about what it takes to win, NBA playoff observations, how the game is changing right before our eyes, coaching players at all levels, NBA free agency vs college recruiting & much more!!

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John Lucas, Youth Basketball Today

Coach Brendan Suhr talks to longtime friend and legendary NBA player/coach John Lucas about youth basketball today, getting the top 100 players in the country to the NBPA’s Top 100 Camp at UVA each year, being the #1 pick in the draft, the state of youth basketball in America & much much more!

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Jefferson Mason, Staying On The Cutting Edge of Basketball Training

Coach Brendan Suhr talks to Jefferson Mason, former professional basketball player who is currently working with Dr. Dish Basketball as part of their efforts to provide the most cutting edge and innovative basketball training on the planet. Jefferson and Coach Suhr talk about how Dr. Dish can take your players training program to the next level, how it can assist your practices, and how nothing else in basketball compares!

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Jon Gordon, The Power of Positive Leadership

Coach Brendan Suhr talks to NY-Times Best Selling Author Jon Gordon about his latest best-selling book The Power of Positive Leadership and how it can help coach, coaches! Coach and Jon talk about how the power of being positive can lead to success in coaching, becoming a positive leaders, how Dabo Swinney led Clemson football to a National Championship, defining your purpose in order to inspire others and much much more!!

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Fran Fraschilla – Observing Coaches Across The Country & International Basketball

Coach Brendan Suhr talks to ESPN basketball analyst and International Basketball expert, Fran Fraschilla about what he’s learned traveling across the country observing and covering college coaches and programs for ESPN, where he thinks the game is today, the impact on International basketball, and more! Fran will be speaking on Thursday, April 20th in Fort Worth, Texas at our Coaching U Fort Worth event, if you’re in the area register online or at the door Thursday morning!

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