Stan Van Gundy, NBA Head Coach & Analyst for Turner Sports

Coach Brendan Suhr is joined by the Former NBA Head Coach and current basketball analyst for Turner Sports Stan Van Gundy. In this episode, Stan explains why he enjoys clinics, teaching and giving back to coaches; how much the support of his father meant to he and his brother Jeff as coaches; importance of leadership, vision & culture for your team; advice for coaches looking to advance; coaching today’s players; the role of analytics in today’s game; his experience teaching a college course at Stetson University last year as well as his role as a game & studio analyst for Turner Sports. All that and more on Episode 155 of the Coaching U Podcast with Coach Brendan Suhr!

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Bob Delaney, Ret. NBA Referee & New Jersey State Trooper

Coach Brendan Suhr is joined by the Bob Delaney. Delaney is a former NBA Referee, Retired New Jersey State Trooper, Leading Authority in Post Traumatic Stress, Corporate Educator & Motivator and also currently serves as a Special Advisor to the Southeastern Conference.

He has served the NBA in various areas of officiating development, including most recently as the Vice President, Referee Operations/Director of Officials. He is the founder of two schools that trained officials for high-integrity roles within the NBA, WNBA and college basketball. His Performance Enhancement Program (PEP) has provided training for the NFL, U.S. Army, FBI, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Homeland Security and more.

During a 25-year NBA officiating career, Delaney officiated more than 1,700 regular season games, more than 200 playoff games, nine Finals and two All-Star Games and was one of the NBA’s highest-rated crew chiefs. In 2003 he received the prestigious Gold Whistle Award from the National Association of Sports Officials.

In this episode, Delaney takes you inside the responsibility of an NBA Official as well as a look back at his time as a State Trooper in New Jersey including a 3 year undercover job to infiltrate organized crime and how he uses that experience today to help people navigate post-traumatic stress. He currently works with sports teams, military branches, police departments and families who have lost loved ones to help them through difficult times. Bob shares some of his most effective strategies and techniques in this episode that can be applied to traumatic events of all kinds for you to use with your team, staff and loved ones.

All that and more on Episode 155 of the Coaching U Podcast with Coach Brendan Suhr!

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