Coach Brendan Suhr is joined by the BJ Armstrong, 3-Time NBA Champion with the Chicago Bulls and now Executive Vice President for basketball with Wasserman. In this episode, BJ takes you inside the job of a player agent. BJ represents some of the NBA’s best including Derrick Rose, Josh Jackson, Draymond Green and JaVale McGee. He also discusses the recent revival of Derrick Rose and what he saw from him coming out of college that separated him from other players.

Brendan and BJ then go on to discuss the current state of the NBA, which team stands out to him this early in the season and if the “Me Factor” will catch up to the Warriors this season. I All that and more on Episode 108 of the Coaching U Podcast with Coach Brendan Suhr!

PODCAST: BJ Armstrong, executive VP of basketball at Wasserman